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Is Drone x Pro Worth The Money?

Taking a look at the affordable Drone x Pro

If you are looking for a cheap drone but packs a superior punch that puts other high-tier drones out there to shame, you can’t go wrong with Drone X Pro. It might not have the most sophisticated design or looks, but when it comes to the compatible features that an avid photographer or filmmaker may want, those are all there. You are talking about a big battery that can provide the relative juice to keep this thing in the sky for longer hours, an eccentric camera that takes such high definition and breathtaking photos, and above all, the steadier control system, which makes flying the Drone X a piece of cake.

Coming back to the original title of this article, no, it is not worthless, and it is pretty evident why many people would think this of the Drone X Pro because it is cheap and costs less than $100. Not everything that does come cheap is worthless, and Drone X Pro is far from being worthless if you know how to extract value for every buck that you have paid.  We will discuss a bunch of elements in this Drone X pro review, such as what the general public thinks of this drone, what are its features, and why you should be interested in it at all? So, without further ado, let’s get right into it;

Drone X Pro AIR 4K Ultra HD Dual Camera FPV WiFi Quadcopter Live Video Follow Me Mode Gesture Control 2 Batteries Included (White)
  • 4K Ultra HD 8MP DUAL CAMERA: This edition has 2 cameras, one on the front and one on the bottom. Split-Screen and Picture in Picture mode shows real-time transmission from both cameras, allowing you to RECORD footage of both camera views SIMULTANEOUSLY! The UHD video then instantly and wirelessly transfers to your smartphone photo album. This amazing quadcopter was specifically engineered for extreme photo/video versatility, high dynamic range capability, and ultra-high definition pictures/video
  • FOLLOW ME MODE: This Technologically advanced drone will follow you wherever you go, allowing you to take Pictures and Record Video HANDS FREE. PERFECT for Action Shots.
  • TOTAL FLIGHT TIME: 24-30mins -Each battery will provide approximately 12-15 mins of flight time (2 total drone batteries included with THIS 4K UHD Dual Camera Drone. WiFi FPV Real-Time Transmission allows you to view and record everything straight on your smartphone's screen! You can even use your phone to control the flight of the drone if you'd like (but also comes with a Remote Control).
  • 1 KEY TAKE-OFF / RETURN / LANDING, 3D Flips, Headless Mode & Trimming function to fight wind: New 360 rolling special effects will dazzle your friends. One-key return function allows the drone to return automatically without losing the drone. Headless mode option can make the drone's front side the same as the remote control, making it easier to fly to your destination. With the Trimming function, you can adjust according to the tilt direction thus, making the drone stabilize during flight.
  • Want a CARRYING CASE? Just enter this code into Amazon's Search Bar: B07R3CCK1K Want EXTRA BATTERIES? Enter this code: B07S3S4ZF6 for Extra PROPELLER BLADES enter this code: B07VH1BN7M and for Extra USB CHARGING CABLES: B07VMHLGD2

Features of the Drone X pro

1. Foldable Drone

The most notable thing about the Drone X Pro at its price point is that it features a foldable design that means that you can fold it inwards to make it easier to carry or pack. The design allows the blades of the drone to be bent and sealed in spot, so the chances of these breaking or getting dainty over time reduced exceptionally, and it also ensures that no damage will be done to the most sensitive part of the drone, which is the camera.

When you want to fly it or capture the most beautiful landscape, simply turn it on and press the fly button on the remote and see this old bird go in the air, stretching its blades as it has arisen from sleep.

2. Gravity sensor making flight easier than ever

The all-new Drone X Pro comes equipped with a gravity sensor, sensing the ground and objects in close proximity of the drone body. Whenever such objects come along, the drone is programmed to change its course automatically, thus avoiding collision and providing you with a seamless flight. Other than that, it can also help in sensing the rotation pattern of the drone and makes it easier for you to maneuver the drone, especially in highly dense and overcrowded places.

3. HD photos and Video

Talking about the drone’s camera quality, it offers a 720p camera resolution that accounts for a few beautiful photos clicked in the sunlight but not so great Video. The end quality of both the video and photos is anything but professional, and that is why this drone is intended for a low-budget and beginner-level audience who kind of wants to get their hands straight with this before buying a high-end drone.

4. Replay mode

It does come with a feature that is known as replay mode, which can playback some of the short video and photos in high definition motion, which makes up for a pretty great video or photo collage to have your memories stored in an elegant way just so whenever you want your kind of look at it and remember those days by.

5. Sufficient flying time

Another great feature of this drone is that it charges up pretty quickly, and once the battery is all juiced up, it can provide you with a sufficient 10 minutes flight time which can be used to snap some amazing photos and videos in landscape or some other orientation that you prefer. These 10 minutes don’t include bringing the drone down on the ground and having to change batteries; you get a solid 10-minute flying capability out of the Drone X Pro.

Other than that, this drone also comes with the Panorama view, which allows you to take photos from a 360-degree angle by simply pressing a button to do so.     

How far can the drone x pro fly?

The best possible range that you get with the Drone X Pro is only 100 meters. Now it might be a little too short for the professionals, but for beginners or people who are still learning the art, it is more than enough.

How to start the novaos drone x pro drone?

All you have to do is straighten the drone first, which is to take out the main body’s encapsulated items so the flight could happen. Once you are done with that, power it on with the help of the provided remote, or if you are using your smartphone and the Drone X Pro app, then you would have to pair the two to make it work. Once started and in the air, you get around 10 minutes of solid flight time before it has to come down and batteries are to be changed.

How to fly a drone x pro?

The flying part is rather easy for most people as it comes with a brief guide in paper form that you can read or watch some online videos to get around the idea. Other than that, the flying of this drone is as simple as controlling a remote-controlled car with the help of a remote, but it is more elegant than that.

Who makes drone x pro?

The manufacturer of the Drone X Pro is the Drone clone Xperts, and it is not the only drone line they are currently developing; there are various others. You can visit their official site for the sake of checking these out.

Is it Worth it?

As it is evident from all the discussion that we have had above that Drone X Pro is not worthless, not even in the slightest it just covers a different kind of audience. It might not be a preferred or functional choice for a professional, but it is conveniently amazing for a beginner. At the end of the day, the features that you are getting in this drone for under $100 make it an even tempting choice for some.   

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