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A few years ago I had no idea what a drone even was. Back then I turned to the internet to load up on as much drone information as I could (as you do).

I honestly can’t express how taken back I was by how many websites there were out there, where the writer had clearly never flown a drone before in their life.

With that in mind, I created Drone Riot to share my opinions on different drones, from someone who actually owns multiple drones and has racked up god knows how many hours in the air.

Our number 1 policy here is honesty. I don’t really write about drones’ that I don’t like or recommend, but if I do, I’ll tell you why I would be hesitant of buying it. 

Ok, lets get down to how we actually review these drones.

Step 1. Find a Drone/ Type of Drone To Discuss

First we’ve got to find a specific drone, or type of drone that we would like to look into. But, how do we do this?

Well, we often receive questions asking what the best drone is for X situation is. For example a little while ago, I got an email asking if I could recommend a drone for fishing. I did my research, used a bit of due diligence and promptly replied to the email. From there, I new it was a question people had and begun to write my article. 

Another way we find topics to cover is by being active in a number of different drone forums. If I see the same question being written a number of times, I’ll probably write an article on it as I know it’s something people need help with (of course I’ll also help the person out on the forum)

Step 2. Try Out The Drone/ Research Drones

Most of the time the drones’ I write about drones’ I’ve either owned or have flown before. However, due to the sheer number out there, it’s near impossible to have flown them all. If I wish to discuss a drone that I have no experience in, I will do the following (I’ll also do this even if I have used the drone before).

  • Read user experiences in different forums, other websites, and read customer reviews.
  • Take note of all the negative opinions of the drone, paying special attention to negatives that I come across multiple times.
  • Watch unboxing videos, reviews and test flights on video sharing websites
  • Take note of all my findings, compiling a document of immense depth surrounding the specific drone
  • Reach out to other drone pilots and asked for their opinions on the drone

Step 3. Create the Article About The Drone/ Drones

Once I’ve got all the information necessary and I’m positive it’s as accurate as possible, I’ll begin to write the article.

I’ll then post it and hopefully share it with all my awesome readers!

Step 4. Continue to Update Article

As the drone industry is ever evolving, new drones continue to be released at an astonishing rate. As such, I like to keep my finger on the latest happenings and will update old articles with the latest and greatest drone tech.

How Can You Help?

You can always have your say by getting in touch with us via our contact page and have your opinions published in our article. We’ll also credit you for your in put and give you a special thanks in the post.

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