How Much Weight Can a Drone Carry

Drones are slowly becoming more common and as technology evolves, so are they. Gone are the days when you would only buy a drone to play around in your backyard.

More people are investing in this gadget for different purposes other than what they are known for, which is photography and videography. You can now buy a drone to carry things around but depending on exactly what you want to carry you have to figure out the weight that a certain drone can support, and get the best one for your purpose.

How much weight does a drone carry?

The average weight that a hobby drone can carry is 0.3-2kg while professional drones can move anything from 20kg to 220kgs. However, the payload capacity, which is the exceeded weight of a drone depends, from drone to a drone.

Micro-drones are not built to carry weight, but they are still resourceful as they are useful in rescue missions. Professional payload drones are built to move different things that vary in their heaviness.

Which factors determine the weight that a drone can carry?

Different factors determine the weight that a drone can carry. The first one is the number and size of the propellers and the motor power, which is the most important. The next important thing is the type of battery because that?s where the drone gets its power.

A drone designed to lift heavy items needs to have a battery life with a bigger capacity. The last thing to be considered is the weight of the drone. If a drone carries more than it should, the flight time reduces, and stability of the drone are affected.

Where can you use a heavy-lifting drone?

Drones are used in different industries to bring ease in their operations. One of these industries is the filming industry. Drones have become very common in the filming industry and are used to lift heavy cinematography equipment that would otherwise be too heavy for a person to lift. They are also used to capture shots that would otherwise be impossible to capture without the help of the drone.

The Military also use drones for surveillance and can be said to be the ones who kick-started the whole commercial drone craze that has now been embraced by other industries.

Can a drone lift a human being?

Some of the heavy lifting drones can lift a person. It depends on the power of the drone, the type of the propellers, number of motors and the battery life. The Ehang 814, manufactured by a Chinese company, is an example of such a drone. It is, however, not recommended to carry a person around on a drone.

What is the most massive load a drone has carried?

According to the Guinness World Book of Record, Forvola?s ?mega drone? holds the title for carrying the weightiest load which was a box with spare parts that weighed 101kgs for one minute and three seconds.

How much can a consumer drone carry?

The best answer to this question is not much, though if we have to put a specific figure that would be 200-300grams. You can use a consumer drone to send a small gift or a letter to a person in a short-range. However, considering these drones are not built to carry any weight, in most cases, you will experience a reduction in the flight time. If you try to put an item that is too heavy, the drone will not be able to lift.

Do I need a certificate to fly a professional drone that carries weight?

A professional drone requires a professional drone pilot, so the answer is yes, you will need to take a test and acquire a certificate for that. This is because a professional drone is complex and requires expertise. Since most of the professional drones are for commercial purposes, there is little to no room for accidents due to inexperience as that could result in huge losses.

Can a prosumer drone carry weight?

A prosumer drone is a balance between a professional and a consumer drone. You may have encountered one of these while searching for a drone that has a camera. A prosumer drone is useful for recreational purposes as well as a bit of professional work. The drones in this category can carry up to 3kg with a battery life of 18-25minutes to handle the payload capacity. A good value prosumer drone will cost you between $500 and $1500.

How much weight does an Amazon delivery drone carry?

The Amazon Delivery drone is designed to carry packages that weigh up to 2kg. It is the newest product from the e-commerce company even though it is yet to start delivering the packages. Amazon has said that they will have full control of the drone from the time it leaves the warehouse to the time it will deliver the package, to its location and back.

Which drone can carry the heaviest load?

A company by the name Griff Aviation created the Griff 300 drone which can carry up to 225kg. This is a huge heavy lifting drone that has a flight time of 30-45minutes depending on the payload. It also has an eight highly powerful propeller system that allows it to support the payload.


It is evident there is no specific answer to this question because there are so many factors to be considered. The weight that a drone can carry will differ from drone to drone. Once you have figured out the purpose of the drone and the estimated load of what you want it to move around, then you will be in a better position to decide on the drone you will get.

The most exciting thing is that technology will continue to evolve, and in a couple of years, we might be having drones that can do even more than what they can do right now. The delivery of packages using drones is one of the things we hope will materialize, and we will get to see more of it.

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